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Aku penulis ceritera hidup dari kaca mata aku, kadang boleh diterima akal dan fikiran, kadang juga hanya aku yg setuju dengan pendapat aku. terserah apa yg ada di fikiran kalian, asalkan kalian bahgia !

Monday, 10 August 2015

Taman Wetland, Putrajaya ♥

assalamualaikum w.b.t 

Alhamdulillah, for another beginning. All the praise to the Al-mighty, for this beautiful and precious days of tomorrow.

Few days ago, ive been to Wetland, Putrajaya. It’s the very first time im being there and its really intimidating, that I could even choke from being extremely amazed due to its natural beauty. Ya Allah, thanks for the opportunity.

For sure, im not going there wf partners, lovers or whatsoever. Where I don’t even have one. Ive been there wf all the ladies of mine. They are the reason that ive been there and had a great time. Alhamdulillah

The place is really magnificent, where it has a lake, which is quiet huge, a pedestrian walkthrough, a few set of paddle boat, Kayak and few option of bicycles. Which means there are also, three-cycle. It is fun right? U could have a quality time here, wf families, friends and also organizing an “Usrah”. It is enjoyable and relaxing tho, u can also jogging around, by foot or bicycle. Then, u could even fishing along the lakeside while having the fresh air.

Thus, what we hv been done here is that. We were hving some quality time among friends after having  such unforgettable moment of Raya. U know u can laugh at each other even it may annoyed u for the rest of ur life. Haha! It’s a happy feeling, that Ive longing for. I wanted to be free, from the emptiness. From those olds memories, and most important is, the feelings of unwanted. U know that u hv everything u need, out of everyone, there r always be someone who gonna be there for you, when u are far away from ur parents. I wish none of my friends will see the beast of me, that I don’t even think I could handle it by my own. I just wish.

So what? Be happy while u hv everyone. Be what u wanna be!

So here we are! One of the most beautiful park I hv ever seen, I give u the Wetland! Glad to be here anyway, Alhamdulillah. Early in the morning, Atikah had already finish cooking the dishes, which are the sandwich, that would be consist of bread, mayo of course, sausages, a few of veges and along wf sauces. And then, we had unpacked. After a moment, we became quiet and silently eat the prepared sandwich while enjoying the breeze.

And for a moment, we went for playing, a Paddle boat for 2 members. At first, i insisted that i wont be playing since, i wore skirt that time. But then, Atikah had no partners since everyone had one. So i helped Atikah, by accompany her playing the paddle boat wf wearing the SKIRT!

At the end, its really enjoyable. Being happy wf happy surroundings does a great impact on your emotions, really! May u guys also had the best of the days!

From the deepest chamber in heart, I really really enjoy the moment. Back then, I usually had this kind of occasion wf my family. And I already get used to it. In order how to prepare the stuff, dishes and then just enjoy the moment. While it is different when hving a picnic wf friends. Its been no adult, and we don’t really need to be grown up and just being ourselves. This moment would last until the end of my life. Thanks for all the happy moments, all the advises and all the time u spend wf me. Thanks for everything my dearest friend, iloveyou ♥

Ya Allah, i would pray, till the end of my life. Please, have all of us in your blessing and concern. Let us strive the success towards u using the rightful ways, full of barakah in Dunya until Akhirah, InsyaAllah ♥