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Aku penulis ceritera hidup dari kaca mata aku, kadang boleh diterima akal dan fikiran, kadang juga hanya aku yg setuju dengan pendapat aku. terserah apa yg ada di fikiran kalian, asalkan kalian bahgia !

Monday, 25 November 2013

Sahabat ♥

This is a special entry dedicated to my dearest friend.
Hi friend. Do you know how much have you changed?
Yeah, for sure i know why you became like this.
Im so sorry for not take a good care of you, for not being there for you, for always being with others.
For all the things i have done or will be done. I am sorry ok.
But i am not a type that say sorry so easily.
I am not like you. You being such a pampered girl in front of me and why? You don't need to.
I am not someone who you can lied to.
I am also get hurt. Please understand something, don't be afraid of me.
Just say whatever you want and i wont take it to heart.
No one is perfect, thats why we need each other to support, guide and love.

No matter how much you love your boyfriend, its still not as much as i loves you.
Im not jealous, instead im happy you have found your soul-mate, your future husband insha Allah.
But still you dont have to look only to him and spend your time entirely only for him.
You also have other friends.
At the time when you are complaining why im leaving you. Thats the reason.

Your decision in life are not mine to make nor judge, i can only support you, encourage you and help you when you ask !

So dear my friend, whatever you do. You still have me as your friend.
And i'll be there for you