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Aku penulis ceritera hidup dari kaca mata aku, kadang boleh diterima akal dan fikiran, kadang juga hanya aku yg setuju dengan pendapat aku. terserah apa yg ada di fikiran kalian, asalkan kalian bahgia !

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Semester 6 KPMB ♥

harini kami berlimaa dah selesai pngajian di semester 6. mungkin kecil angka 6 bagi kalian, tapi tidak bagi aku. susah untuk kau lalui perit jerih dlm satu2 smester, drama, a ton of assignment, along wf romeo and juliet, bnyak kau kena lalui, baru kau smpai destinasi ni. tapi apapun yg kau lalui sekarang, takkan sama dgn apa yg aku lalui, lalu aku bingkiskan sedikit coretan kenangan aku di semester kali ini.

aku, bersama 4 org sahabat lain berjaya menamatkan semester 6 dgn jayanya. walau berat bahu yg memikul, alhmdulilah selesai semuanya. jangan expect ini cerita sastera mahupun fairytale. this is my life, i gonna cherish it days by days so thankyou

surprisingly we have come to realized that it is more important to hv real friends, rather than making temporary friends. where we've been gathered as a group. the bond that tied up to each other and insyaAllah, we'll make it till hereafter, ukhwwah fillah abadan abada

this semester is really really amazingly hard to handle, wasnt meant to lie, but thats the cold-harsh truth. nobody couldnt hv imagine how hard could it be. we are not the same, nor cant u ever felt our kind of hardness. i dont seek sympathize, just wanna empty up my feelings and raise up appreciation towards all the hard works and related person, families and everyone, including you who may read this, thankyouuu

im glad, that there will always be my families and friends behind me. supporting, encouraging and loves that will never end. sometimes, when u be there for someone, in return there will always be someone else for you. instead of saying stay strong, why dont be there instead? Beto was right and i am agreed. i am applying this kind of method and speculations and eventually turns out fine and even better. somehow, it helps me to be better while at the same time, helping others is really necessary and a good manners anyway. 

there are always sometimes where i ever feel like giving up. due to all the pressure and burden ahead and current situation that really out of hands. great man and women will not even assume this as a rocks that stop them from moving on. but for me, this is a new things and i really trying hard to adapt all of the situation. as i've been alone, i've been thinking out loud and finally, it is the only things that kept u moving on. the only things that makes us different from others, which is prayer. keep on praying, thats what we all do. because no matter how hard u cry out, hold onto up there. HE always answering ur prayers, just hang in there!

as for my friends, lets create happy, unforgettable memories that we ever had. lets make things right, in order to seek the forgiveness and blessing, insyaAllah. most important thing is, never give up no matter how hard the matters may seem. always be positive and keep moving forward! lets end the senior years wf flying colors. although we may not end up at oversea, at least those proud certificate dont changed u for another. yeah, people changed, but why became someone u not while u can be who u are? #iWonder

happy senior year finally gonna come to an end, chill! better things are coming ♥