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Aku penulis ceritera hidup dari kaca mata aku, kadang boleh diterima akal dan fikiran, kadang juga hanya aku yg setuju dengan pendapat aku. terserah apa yg ada di fikiran kalian, asalkan kalian bahgia !

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Friends for life #PortDickson ♥


As we were having several days left, we keep arguing about this and that, we keep recall those happy moments together. Yet, deep inside we were at the edge, the state of being afraid-unsecurerities-happy-sad all, at the same time. I do, and I bet we all gonna feel the same, isn’t it? I am hoping for a happy ending, a memorable ones, the one that we can keep for as a long terms memories. The one that we will cherish every moments together, this is what I want. I love my friends, the one that keep by my side through thick and thin, the one who always cheer me up when I had a bad day, the one who I always want to be by her side when she is not in the mood, the one who can I brag bout and annoying for all day long, the one who can always stand up and down with me, the one and only, is always u. You guys.

I am sorry for always kept saying about the ‘days left’, well although it is what currently happening. I am sorry, I am not meant to ruin the days we had left. I am afraid for what happened next, on the inside. And I just want u to feel the same, well its just not you. U’re not affected by anything I have said before and after. U always keep on being urself, although I am mad bout u being urself. 

I am writing this post in my room, and currently still at Kpmb. The feels and gut is not the same. If only I write this letter back at home, after all the farewell, then the feels and emotions is not gonna be the same. Where the previous is much more unbearable-sad feelings, while back at home, iam gonna miss uguys. Yes, that is why iam writing in the middle of bunch of assignments. I want to keep remember this feelings. So that, I could tolerate and handle my own thoughts, emotions all together, wisely.

There are so many preparation made up just the trip to be going as planned. And there are so many unreasonable things happened and yet makes us against each other, yeah shits happened too. I am personally wanted this trip to be happened. The special day that I would dedicated as my precious moments with my bestfriends. I would love to spend the last time with them. And if Allah wills, it would happened somehow, and insyaAllah.


And the trip goes as planned, alhamdulillah. All the arguments, we take it seriously and solved it all wisely. The feelings is really not the same. The guts, the fear, the happiness all at once.
The nights we spend together, could be even more worth than every single night we have for ourselves. We did argue, yet we ask for forgiveness that night. Its really heartbreaking, as every one of us started crying, badly. Do u guys feel the way I feel that night?

We had fun in the mornings, until we had lunch and everything just goes perfectly fine. The weather is also nice, and we had a chance to briefly open up to each other. We swam together, we laughed, we had too much joy we could get, Alhamdulillah. I would never trade it with anything else, its really worth it.

Friends doesn't always gonna be there for you, yet they always tried to. Please know that, no matter how much distances we had from each other, i'll always remember our time together, and never ever stop praying for you and our life, towards a better future. Be bold, u gotta be strong ok ladies? i love youuuuuu ♥

Back at home, i really missed u guys. Please be well!

True friends are friends for life