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Aku penulis ceritera hidup dari kaca mata aku, kadang boleh diterima akal dan fikiran, kadang juga hanya aku yg setuju dengan pendapat aku. terserah apa yg ada di fikiran kalian, asalkan kalian bahgia !

Friday, 9 October 2015

Beraya umah #FathiahHusin #MerlimauMelaka ♥

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah
For all the good and bad things that i have been through, for all the things i had encountered, the memories and experiences. Im glad Allah make me get it through, alhamdulillah.

Heres a little happiness that i want to share wf u about. I had a short trip wf my friends to Melaka! Its not like i never been there, but the opportunity that i had so that i can go there once again, yayyy! Its really intimidating, that we all had a very serious and tough week, yet we could gather the strength to had a short trip alltogether. And the important part is, we travel to camp at Fathiah's house!

And altogether, we had 3 cars for the this #MelakaTrip! 8 girls and 6 boys. Which included, #Atikah #Maisarah #Mingming #Fathia #Nike #Alyani #Siti #Ash #Iwan #Naim #Petak #Ayman #Yong 

But then, we dropped and having feast at Bella's house before continues to Fathia's house. Which located at Pantai Dalam. Bella was one of our collages member, and she left out since the 4th semester. And now we had the chances to meet her once again, yayy! Bella had a very nice and big house, yet welcome us wf a warm hello. We really miss u Bella ♥
Thanks for the very delicious and nice spaghetti, i had 2 round of it, Tehee!

The girls with Bella ♥

After that, we arrived at Fathia's house, and unpacked. We meet her mom and dad, having some talks and prepared ourselves wf bath and prayers. That night, with her parents permission, Fathiah bring us out for a dinner, to take a walk along the river side of Melaka. Its really nice tho, being along with friends and having some really girls talk. And yes, Melaka had a really nice view and environment. Attached with all the historical stuff and buildings, its nice!

After having dinners and walk-throughout the Melaka, we went home. Had some good sleep so that the next day we'll be cooking along together wf her mom.

And the next day, we woke up and help her mom at the kitchen. Although we didn't actually know how to cook, but we hv to go and help her mum anyway. Manners teach u how to be grown up. Be anyway! And we hv done eating at 5p.m and have some photo-session. 

U know u wouldn't get enough with photograph, so did i.
And then, we proceed to the next location, Pantai Klebang. I hv been there, a long time ago wf my families. And here i am ones again. It is really nice.

A really thanks to Fathiah and family, for the welcome, foods and accommodations. We had a best day with friends at Melaka. 

There are so many un-written story happened. And i wish to keep it to me and cherish it all day. Experience would never happened if u wouldn't dare to feel it for urself. It can't be read or hear, experience it. And u will never forget what it meant to you, does and happened to u in the future. Be ready!

Melaka #150815
The day i will forget, thanks for lesson ♥ 

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