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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Birthday Surprise, to me! #940925

031015 – The day full of surprise

The day where I woke up lazily, got many things to do yet got no willing for make it happened. My friends and I were eating at the usually place, Cik ani. And then I go for jog, around the College. As far as I concerned, I made a promise to eat up with the member of my

When I arrived at the new restaurant, that I never been to. I am amazed. There was a dinner place up on the surface of the lake. THERE WAS A LAKE, AND BASICALLY IM ON THE CRUISE! The first thought, I think my girlfriends were being exaggerated, where they bring me up on the most romantic dinner on cruise ever. It was supposed to be make for boyfriend-girlfriend materials, but it happened and I experienced it well! Really fascinated. I walk along the aisle and arrived at the booked table, but there were so many plate. And I ask them, why there are so many plate? I tot this gonna be our 5 members dinner? But then, Fathiah said she did invite several people of her friends. And I alone, the who get angry while the others being so normal and relax. This make me so suspicious. Why would she invited her friend that currently not related to the dinner. As I sat down, I follow the flow. Then, they came out of nowhere to the table and act like nothing happened. 

As we eat, i still have lots of question unanswered in my mind. Its been too suspicious, as they are normaly eat and chats among themselves. And Fathiah did book, 2 set of Siakap, with 10 bowl of rice, veges and fruits. Well, thats really a lot to take in. I always did have this kind of dinner with my families, and never had a chance to have it wf my friends. And now i did, hehe.

We had a simple dinner by the Lake and a several singers kept on changing to sing. The moments is always so memorable. We set aside all those assignment and simply had a happy time wf friends.

In just a moment, a heartbreaking moment, there was someone singing Happy Birthday song, proudly saying my name on stage. I was amazed and blurry to the situation. And then here comes, the best part. Fathiah were walking towards me with a cake on her hand, and Ash with a TeddyBear. And they continue to keep singing the song, until i blow off the candles.

I am seriously fascinated. YES I AM.

Is this a dream? Cause it seem to be so un-real, and so impossible to happened. And they did surprise me at my very best. Thanks guys, sorry i didnt even have any words to describe it. I kept on repeating saying thankyou, hoping you will understand how appreciate i really am. I couldn't saying anymore further and anymore less.

I appreciate everything u did. Everything u did is always been on my mind, and InsyAllah remains forever. Thanks for the surprise, foods, and ofcos the TeddyBear. Being receive a TeddyBear this 21th is a normal thing to me. I always had a bunch of dolls from my families. So even i had the Blue TeddyBear on the cruise, as i always watched it on drama, yet i experience it well. Thanks, but i couldnt return anything for you. Thanks is the best i can.

A really big thanks to all of my friends, which considered as best friends, insyaAllah until forever. Thanks for everything dear Maisarah, Yasmaine, Fathiah, Nike, Iffah, Ayman, Yong, and Ash.

Alhamdulillah, im officially 21th years old. I am hoping to always be in HIS blessing each days and insyaAllah, until Hereafter. I know that im not always contribute the goods, but i always trying. Trying to be better each days, towards my parents and the Almighty.  I am looking forward to keep on being strong and achieve all the limitations that needed in order to enter the Jannah, Insya-Allah.

In the end, Allah knows best.

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